Site map outline

  • Our vision.
  • Our Mission.
  • Our values.   

  1. Organizational assessment and future development planning.
  2. Corporate strategy.
  3. Organization structures and systems development.
  4. Corporate culture and managing change process.
  5. Specific case study.   

  1. Assist in human resource planning and development.
  2. Modification of organization structure and revision of job descriptions. 
  3. Development of Leadership and supervisory roles and identifying specific goals for each position.
  4.  Benefits and compensation.
  5. Legal Obligations. 

  1. Working Capital and liquidity management.
  2. Accounting systems and budgetary control.
  3. Developing proposal for financial support.


  1. Providing advice on deploying, implementing and managing IT systems.
  2. Project support and information analysis.
  3. Provide temporary assistance.
  4. Coordinates or develops training programs.
  5. Provide technical assistance.
  6. Analyze applications of the organization.

  1. Vision and goals.
  2. Marketing research.
  3. Develop Marketing strategy.
  4. Study and develop pricing strategy for product and services.
  5. Developing promotional campaigns.
  6. Review and evaluate the work and performance of sales and marketing staff.

  1. Develop action plans to study and implement the project.
  2. Planning implementation and evaluation of your temporary project.
  3. Program/Project management support.
  4. Review Project work and Recovery of its activities.
  5. Provide Project Management training/ coaching and advice.
  6. Business Start-Ups and family business planning.

Economic consulting services

  1. Research and data collection.
  2. Analysis.
  3. Auditing.
  4.  Specific studies.

Environmental studies

  • Investigation of current legislations.
  • Project impact on natural resources.
  • Study the damage caused by the misuse of natural resources.
  • Assess the damage caused by misuse of natural resources.
  • Contribute to the formulation of policies relating to environmental issues.

  • Training.
  • Capacity development.